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Our goal is to bring health awareness and distribution thru natural plants and oils to local communities . Alternative options with the use of plants. In America we have become accustomed to western medicine. Thru awareness we can give under served populations  additional options .A lot of times people are under the impression that if it’s not prescribed by a physician that it can’t be effective. When in fact most pharmaceutical companies emulate the functions of plants , with a synthetic version.

As a manufacturer of Moringa and other Ayurvedic products, MoR Essentials offers a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements and beauty products. Our products are formulated  to stregnthen our immune systems provide our bodies with key nutrients that will  improve the body’s cognitive, neurological, and physical well-being.
We work with specialized growers in India where Moringa originates. Our  products are tested, and harvested to meet from to table strict quality standards for growing,  and processing for all of  our products. Quality, Potency and Purity is our promise. This allows us to stand behind the quality of our crops, implement eco-friendly practices, take a community-oriented approach, and maintain USDA  GMP,Kosher and Certified Organic certifications for our Moringa, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Turmeric and our line of essential oils.
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